Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Discussion About Bisexuality

So for a first discussion, I wanted to explore Bisexuality for a minute. What does Bisexuality mean to you? What does being Bi or Bi-curious mean to you? Is there truly such a thing as being Bisexual, or are we simply attention whores and semi-closeted gays?
To me, being bisexual is being open to relationships, whether they are purely physical or emotional, or both. I think that being Bi simply means you are capable of finding an attraction to both sexes, of being able to have a relationship with either sex. You don't necessarily have to be sleeping with both sexes or in a relationship with both sexes to be Bi, but being open to these things helps.
I think that Bisexuality is very real, yet often misunderstood. We see a lot of people acting like they are into people of the same sex for attention, I will admit that. Are they doing it for attention? Are they just curious about the experience?
I don't necessarily want to draw conclusions on that.
I can speak for myself, however, so let's start there. I am definitely not glamming up my Bisexuality to get attention. I'm not an attention whore, nor am I just curious or sitting in the closet, afraid to come out as fully gay. I'm not straight, but I'm not gay, either. I have had relationships with guys and girls, and know that I find both sexes are hot, and feel equally comfortable being with either sex.
How do all of you feel about this topic? Let's get some of your viewpoints on this!

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